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Thứ Bảy, 24 tháng 12, 2011

Hokuto No Ken/Fist Of the North Star


Episodes: 109/Complete

Release: 4 October 1984 

Genres: Action  Drama • Martial Art  Sci-fi • Shounen

Duration: 23 min. per episode 

Type: MKV File
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Size: 60Mb/Episode
Sinopsis :
In the post-nuclear apocalyptic future in 199X, the human race has regressed. Weak villagers are reduced to slavery, while genetically enhanced giants rule the world. Gunpowder seems only a distant memory, and the martial arts is the only weapon a man can count on.
Two schools face one another in the battle for dominion: Hokuto Shinken and Nanto Seiken. The series begins when the Hokuto successor, Kenshiro, travels the desert to confront Shin, a member of the Nanto Roku Seiken, their six ruling stars, who has taken his fiancee Yulia. 

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